Ivan Moody's Story

Five Finger Death Punch frontman Ivan Moody founded Moody's Medicinals: a line of premium CBD and Delta 8 products to help with his road to recovery from alcohol and addiction and to support his health and wellness.

“Growing up in Denver, I was exposed to cannabis, CBD and other holistic forms of medicine,” Moody says. “It's always been in my life and became even more important when its healing properties helped me with night terrors, anxiety, depression, and lack of appetite. In addition, it has been a partner of mine on my road to recovery.”

Wanting to help others experience the same natural healing powers of CBD, Ivan created Moody’s Medicinals. We are one of the few CBD brands that is cGMP Certified. Our products have the efficacy and potency you can trust. Current good manufacturing practices (cGMP) ensure that our products are made consistently and reliably, and meet our high standards for strength, quality, and purity.