When will I know if my order shipped?

Once your order ships, you will receive an email notification with tracking information. We typically ship orders out within 24-48 hours during normal business days. Orders placed over the weekends or holidays will ship within 24-48 hours on the following business day.

Can you ship internationally?

We are not shipping internationally right now.

What is your standard shipping method?

For most orders, please allow 3-5 business days depending on your location.

How can I cancel my order?

Please inform us as soon as possible. We typically ship our orders out within 24-48 hours during business days.

Why can’t I purchase your D8 products?

While legal at the federal level, there are still some states that restrict the selling of D8 products.

Do you offer wholesale prices?

Absolutely! With our distribution partner, we can deliver our premium CBD products to your customers. If you’re interested in wholesale options, get in touch with us here or use our easy retail signup.


What is CBD?

CBD is a non-intoxicating compound with various medical uses. Derived from hemp, CBD is a cousin of the popular marijuana plant. CBD can have no more than 0.3% THC (the main active ingredient of cannabis), and medical marijuana oil may contain up to 5%.

Why do people take CBD?

People use CBD products for a variety of reasons. Overall wellness is a popular one, especially as a preventative measure. Other reasons include improving sleep, relieving stress, and pain management.

How much should I take?

Overall health and tolerance levels vary for everyone. That said, a good way to start is by taking a small amount, tracking how you feel, and then slowly working your way up until the desired result is reached.

Do your products have THC in them?

Our products contain just under 0.3% THC by weight, which is the legally allowed amount. You can view our third-party lab test results by clicking here. (hyperlink our COAs once they are up on the site)

What is the endocannabinoid system (ECS)?

CBD interacts with our body’s endocannabinoid system. The ECS is a self-regulating system of cannabinoid receptors that are located throughout the body. It communicates with nearly every system of the body, including the central nervous system, immune system, and organs. Learn more by clicking here.

How much CBD is there in each product? Each serving?

There is detailed information about each product on our website. Additionally, on our packaging, it lists the CBD in milligrams for both the individual and whole product.